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Can Poor Hip Mobility Increase Low Back Pain

Ever experience low back pain? Do not feel alone! More than 80% of Americans report low back pain at some point. While many things may cause back pain, improving hip mobility may be part of the solution. Improved hip mobility may also lead to greater strength, increased muscle size, and better athletic performance. This article will discuss stretches to improve hip mobility. Future articles will address other important issues like hip activation and strengthening exercises.

Note the low back is very complex. Since it is often very difficult to pinpoint low back pain’s origin, medical consultation should be obtained before undertaking any new exercise program.

The Problem In our modern society, we spend lots of time sitting. We sit in traffic, we sit behind desks, and we sit in front of the television. Lots of sitting can actually cause our hips to tighten. Increased hip tightness = less hip mobility.

But what does hip mobility have to do with low back problems? As hip mobility lessens, the hips may do less work so the low back may be forced to work harder than is ideal. When performing activities like lifting children or climbing stairs, lack of hip mobility may actually increase low back stress and potentially increase pain or contribute to injury.

The Solution Stretching the hips regularly can increase hip mobility. This can allow the lower back to stabilize better during daily activity like lifting kids or carrying boxes. A more stable low back is generally a desirable state.

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