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Wellness Pillars

By Dwan Riggins

My role as a fitness professional has provided me the lens to observe health on a global/societal scale. While I am thrilled that we, are learning more about health, becoming more aware of its importance, and have more access to resources to improve health, sometimes I'm grieved as I observe the overwhelming decline of ...personal wellness.

Wellness ...the buzzword of

the health/fitness culture, has taken on a variety of definitions, functions, marketing strategies. However, what seems to remain consistent is ... our personal wellness is a reflection of 3 foundational constructs: practice, habits, adaptation.

Several sources have cited 7-8 pillars of wellness ...mental, physical, social, financial, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, and vocational ...all interdependent. That is, each pillar has a significant affect on the other ...and the proper balance of them, are a direct reflection of the acquisition of healthy outcomes.

While I don't believe it's possible, in our humanity, to experience utopia in all pillars, I believe it is possible to effectively manage/balance them so that we are aren't struggling in our existence, but thriving and striving to truly enjoy life, while encouraging others to do the same.

So then, here's my challenge to you: Identify the pillars of wellness that stand firm in your life and others that may not be as solid. Don't be afraid to ask for help, try/learn something different, or be willing to let something go/change a poor pattern.

Be Well!


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