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4 Fall Fitness Tips

By Gundersen Health Systems

Don't wait for the new year to begin a new fitness routine. Fall is a great time to turn over a new leaf and spice up your fitness routine.

Set a goal

What is it that you want to accomplish? Maybe you want to walk your first 5K, join an exercise class to gain strength and new friends or build the endurance necessary to finish a fall hike. Or maybe you are simply bored with your current routine and need renewed motivation to get moving each day.

Discover your why

Why is your goal important to you? Better health, modeling healthy behaviors for others, building strength or feeling more confident in your own skin. Whatever it is, keep your "why" front and center. This will motivate you when the going gets tough.

Plan ahead

Maybe you have a busy week coming up. That doesn’t mean that you can’t fit your workouts in, it just means that you need to plan ahead and get creative. Maybe this means waking up early, taking a walk during your child’s practice or taking a few short activity breaks during the day. Some activity is better than nothing at all.

Get lost in the outdoors

Fall is a great time to take your exercise outside. Go for a walk, jog, run or hike! Grab a friend, bring the whole family or make it a solo event. Lace up your shoes and step out your door or find a new trail to explore. Enjoy the cool air, the leaves crunching under your feet and the fall colors.

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